Choose stud finder for home or professional use

A stud finder is a tool that few people have in their home, and they are rarely used. However, there are situations when the stud detector is just irreplaceable.

The main purpose of the stud sensor is a search for the wall. Sometimes it is necessary to hang a new picture, a shelf or a TV on the wall. After all, if you're just hanging the shelf on drywall, then it will fall on the weight.

The prices of such tool may differ depending on its functionality. Therefore it is necessary to read the research to choose the best stud finder.The simplest stud finder can be purchased for less than 10 dollars. Inside this device is just neodymium magnet. However, if you do not mind paying for 30-40 dollars, then this tool will be able to find not only the stud behind the wall but also wire. Models like Dewalt, that cost 100-200 may determine whether the live wires are or not.

Models that are more expensive can determine plastic pipe behind the wall. However, this usually requires that the wall is made of drywall. In older homes are usually thick plaster lay on a walls and stud detector does not work well.

Using this tool is simple enough. To determine where the beam behind the wall is enough to drive smooth movements along the wall horizontally and the device will make it clear where the beam in the wall. Then you need only at the marked locations, drill the screw.